The story behind His Big Story

His Big Story is the platform to unite the body of Christ and build His Kingdom on earth. It's aim is to be the no 1 source of His Light, Love and Glory.

In 2008 I received a vision to connect the body of Christ, starting in South Africa. Little did I know it was God's mission for me. I thought it would only be a positive South African site. But He had much greater plans. Thus it took 4 years for it to blossom. It was finally launched on the 27th of July 2012 (my birthday). It is called the Big Story SA.

We launched the website on Friday, 27th July.  ~ Talitha Rabie | CEO The Big Story SA 

Please read the full story on The Big Story SA Talitha was also interviewed by Obert Mazivisa on Zimnetradio recently explaining the vision. You can listen to it here

Now God was not stopping there. The Big Story SA is only the air strip providing the exhilaration from which His Big Story will lift off.  His Big Story is based on the same vision as The Big Story SA.  It is just the bigger, world wide leg of the mission.  It's aim is to connect, inspire and ultimately draw the world to Christ's Light by connecting the body of Christ.  It consists of many areas.  Just like The Big Story SA, we are launching with 12 stories/testimonies chosen as  led by the Holy Spirit.  There is a 'Shining Stars' area with individuals and companies shining for Christ as well as an area of upliftment consisting of all sorts of upliftment sharing Christ's love, just as He asked us to do here on earth.  A big passion of this mission is to help others reach their God-given purpose and in January 2013 we will start with Skype conference calls to help others find that.  This can be found under the Shining stars > Find your purpose area. 

Talitha Rabie ~ @talitharabie

Talitha Rabie

The writer behind the stories

Abigail ~ @eikra


Abigail and I met on Twitter. A place where I've met some lovely key people in my life.

Little did I know that she would become my amazingly talented writer for His stories in The BIG Story. She was led by the Holy Spirit and immediately responded to His call when He called her back to her old passion of writing.

Abigail has a wonderful way of writing the stories and incorporating scripture, making it truly unique and heart felt. I truly treasure her.


Not only does God work in mysterious ways, He also is very witty i.e. He also works in a funny way. At age 20 my life wasn’t going according to my plan, nothing seemed to be going anywhere fast enough...

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