Achieving the impossible: Tendai Sean Joe

The founder of Whenpages and a business leader striving to help others achieve success, we asked Tendai to give some light and encouragement on his journey.

1. What is the one thing that required unusually high levels of faith to achieve?

I have always used faith in many things I do in life. Without faith, I would not make it this far. Faith, Hope and self-belief. Faith in those around me, faith in my abilities and trusting that God is watching me. When I started my IT company, I knew I would be sharing my valued ideas and concepts with total strangers. I needed them, I wanted to see my ideas come to life, but then I had to trust.

2. What made you go on and not give up?

I always believed God had a reason and a plan for me. When things would be tough, I always got motivated by my hardships. I would look around myself and see others giving up, but I never did that.

3. Tell us about your inspiration and motivation

I am inspired by Africa and the Ubuntu that surrounds us. Although less celebrated, everyday there are small acts of kindness that bring smiles to many faces across Africa. I am inspired by the warmth and friendliness of people around me.

4. Tell us about the things that you wish someone else told you before

I wish someone told me that anger does not build me. I wish someone told me that anger holds me back. I wish someone taught me to forgive and accept that mistakes are part of life.

5. Would you do it again if you had the chance to start over?

I would go back to High School so that I deal with some issues that have taken me very long to get over. Lots of bad decisions, lots of anger, lots of missed opportunities. I know some things are beyond my control, but I could have done better.

Tendai Joe with Gauteng MEC for Transport Mr Vadi

Tendai Joe with Gauteng MEC for Transport Mr Vadi