The Christ Lyke Story

E-Fetti was born and raised in Raleigh. His father abandoned the family when he ran from the law and fled to Africa where he and their mom are originally from. When their mother had to do time in jail the kids where swallowed by the system and were placed in different foster homes until she got out. Even though he was only the third out of four born E-fetti took on the role of provider for the family and providing meant stealing and joining a gang. Being in a gang brought fame and 'honour' to his house hold in the neighbourhood or so he thought, only for it to bring more pain later.

They joined a church when he was 10.  He just never followed it.  He tried to rap for God around the ages of 12-15 but didn't really get a good response out of it. His brother got locked up on a drug charge because of E-Fetti, and he's not a US citizen so he was facing deportation because he was unaware of the dealing E-Fetti was doing.  Even though he had money at the time to get them both out of jail, his money couldn't stop his brother from getting sent to Africa. Somebody told him "Prayer Changes Things".  E-Fetti went on a 40-day fast seeking God to change this situation.  God didn't bring him out of prison & drop his charges, but he did one better, he captured E-Fetti & his brother and now they both live for The Lord as they fight his case.

He compares himself to Apostle Paul (who was once Saul); a perfect example of how God can turn a Mess into a Miracle!

He knows for certain that he is called to reach the masses.  Whether it will be through rapping, preaching or the clothing line, he's not sure, but he knows just how Paul touched the whole world and he knows for certain that he will reach billions of people!

Some will see Alicia's military up bringing as strict but to this day she is grateful for the values that were instilled in her. With a father who was a pastor until he back-slid and an evangelist for a mother, growing up there sure were a lot of values imparted to her and her brother marcus and sister Helena. Her parents however eventually split up.

She comes from a family of preachers and although not having done everything right she HAS known the Lord her whole life. With this ministry, she recons that she and Fetti MUST have a relationship with the Lord in order to minister to people that approach them daily. One example; a young woman who was into lesbianism was eyeing their Christ Lyke booth from afar like she was afraid to come over, so Alicia approached her. She explained how people made her feel like God doesn't love her because of her sins. The devil is a liar!! So Alicia ministered to her right there in the mall and got her to understand just how much God loves her!

One thing she knows, is that He loves her so much, that not only did He give the only son he had, just for her, but He also reminds her everyday when she inhales and exhales.

Christ Lyke

Christ Lyke Clothing was started to really glorify God in everything right down to the clothes Christians wear. They see Christ Lyke being a household name for Christians all over the world. Christ Lyke means 'I am not myself, I'm living to be like christ' and wen people see it they can relate and know that's a fellow brother or sister striving to be more like Christ.

Christ Lyke

Christ Lyke

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