Hope and a future, the Obert Mazivisa story

Writer, singer, performer, all round artist. TV and radio presenter, elder, mentor, youth adviser and more. All that describes this remarkable man who, did we mention markets and distributes his own music through his own record label Trumpet Echoes Music.

Obert Mazivisa is a Zimbabwean man who currently resides in the UK. Born in a rural part of the Midlands province called Gokwe in Zimbabwe, not in a hospital but in a makeshift house fashioned out of grass. His humble birth didn't disadvantage him much as he grew up to be a healthy child who attended school with the other children in the village and also herded the animals every day after school. 

With his parents separated, Obert moved to a town called Kadoma to stay with his older brother. There in Kadoma he attended Kubatana Secondary School where he continued to thrive academically. Whilst he was on school holidays back in Gokwe his uncle told him he could not go back to Kadoma because the shop his brother had opened there in rural Gokwe wasn't doing well. The notion of relocating back to the rural areas did not sit well with young Obert who decided to pilfer some cash and go to Harare to look for his by now remarried mother. He indeed found her. She was renting a room in which she stayed with her new husband. By day Obert would hang around and eat in the room, by night he would take his blankets and sleep outside in the open. This went on for a while until the landlord noticed, took pity on him and allowed him to sleep in his bathroom. 

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11 

It was his now late sister Jennifer who introduced him to the Lord. He started frequenting church and found that he truly felt like he belonged. It was in church that people seemed to embrace him despite his background or upbringing. He had been given a pair of oversized 'hand me down' shoes by someone at church. The shoes were too big for him and he had come up with the ingenious plan of putting toilet paper in them. Every time his feet would sweat the shoes would stink so bad. But still all that and his over sized clothes didn't seem to matter in church. He would sing along and dance. He would work during the school holidays for his tuition fees. By the time he was doing his O-levels the pastor had taken him into his home.

He had planned to give his mother his very first pay alas that was not to be. His mother, a nurse by profession and a devout Christian collapsed mid singing and dancing during one of the ladies' weekly meetings 'kuchina' and died days after in hospital. This was quite devastating for Obert and his seven siblings. That year he did however pass his O-level exams and got a job in marketing i.e standing outside of a shop hustling for customers. It was whilst working there that a member of his congregation saw him and offered him the position as a clerk at his company. Soon Obert started buying furniture and even managed to build a house back in Gokwe.

He moved on and began working for the church full time as a driver, translator and worship leader. Obert then moved on further. Where he landed was in a driving job working for Customs Services. He paid his college tuition with his earnings, got promoted to an admin position. Through all this Obert's love for Christ did not stop or waver. He still attended church and would frequently marvel at where he was and how the Lord had taken him out of his Egypt.

To date Obert Mazivisa can be found in the UK, if not spending time with his wife and two kids Nicole and Nyasha aged 9 and 2 respectively, then he is most likely taking the Lord's word to the people through song and dance. He is also an Elder in Forward in Faith Ministry International UK.

What He knows for sure is that "It doesn’t matter how messed up your life is or how bad what you have done. God is loving, forgiving and will take you back no matter what and RESTORE you."

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